About Us

NH&RANH&RA is a professional association of affordable housing and multifamily owners, developers and professionals. Our primary mission is to help our members expand their businesses and create value through business-to-business exchange, time-sensitive transaction-oriented education, the fostering of new business relationships and targeted issue advocacy.

Our members recognize the value of sharing information. They appreciate the setting offered by NH&RA. They know that they can count on meeting the most dynamic individuals in the business. Members attest to the growth they have experienced in their business as a result of the information and relationships gained through NH&RA.

NH&RA members receive tremendous value from the trend spotting, information sharing, relationship building and business development opportunities at the Association’s conferences and through our working groups and councils. NH&RA has provided a forum for developers since 1971 and, with over 40 years experience, attracts the most sophisticated participants in affordable housing, historic rehabilitation and New Markets Tax Credit transactions.